About Bioanalyse

Services offered:

  • Medical Laboratory & Analysis;
  • Travel Health Vaccination Clinics;
  • General Health Checks-ups;
  • STI (Sexually transmitted infection) screening
  • Adult vaccination
  • Business Services.

Our main concern is your satisfaction. Our mission is to offer you several private medical services in a timely manner while serving you with the up most standard of quality and confidentiality.

Our philosophy is to always innovate with the use of new technologies, because innovation is at the heart of our success. In addition, since the medical laboratories with which we do business with are on the cutting edge of technology, we can offer you medical tests and services tailored to today’s needs.

Finally, did you know that most of our services are generally covered by medical insurance companies? More than 60% of Quebecers have private insurance plans that cover 80% or more of medical tests fees. You can enjoy your insurance benefits and say goodbye to wasting time in waiting rooms.