standard-title Covid 19 tests for travellers

Covid 19 tests for travellers

Do you have plans to travel outside the country?

Saviez- vous si vous devez passer un test pour la COVID-19? Do you know if you need to be tested for COVID-19?

We offer fast, reliable and secure services at: North shore

All our tests are:

– approved by Health Canada.
– services reimbursable by most insurance companies.
– written and official certificate issued.
– services remboursables par la plupart des assurances.

This service is only offered to asymptomatic subjects with travel plans. If, however, you have the following symptoms:

– Fever
– Dry cough
– Fatigue, malaise or headaches.
Immediately contact your doctor or local health care network.

For more information, or to make an appointment, contact us at (450) 472-5599.

Stages of testing for COVID-19 at Bioanalyse:

Contact us to make an appointment. You can contact us by phone, through our website or at one of our ”Clinique voyage” locations near you.
*Before making an appointment with us, please confirm your travel destination and which test is required there.

Depending on the test to be taken, our staff will give you the instructions to follow, as well as whether a medical prescription is required for the test.

Come to the Bioanalyse branch where you have made an appointment to have your samples taken. Bring a piece of identification and your RAMQ insurance card if you reside in Quebec.

We will send you your results as soon as they are ready.

In case of questions or for more information, please contact us, our medical team will cordially assist you.