Vaccination clinic for adults

Vaccination is not only for children, it is also appropriate for adults. Trust in Bioanalysis Vaccination Clinic to administer your vaccines.
Many people think that they are up to date with their vaccination records and that all the mandatory vaccination have been done during their childhood. While it is true that some vaccines remain active for life, others weaken with time and therefore require booster shots in adolescence and adulthood.
Depending on your age, situation, lifestyle, and professional environment, you may need to get certain specific vaccines. This is particularly the case for:

  •  Pregnant women
  •  The elderly
  •  People with a chronic illness or medical risks
  •  Travelers

Why visit a vaccination clinic?

Your work or even your daily activities can expose you to certain diseases that you can prevent through vaccination such as the flu, shingles, hepatitis B, tetanus, or pneumonia. In addition, some vaccines require boosters in adulthood.