STBBI checkup and screening: Results and treatment in 24h to 48h

As STBBIs (Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections), formerly known as STDs, remain taboo in our society, they aren’t popular topics of conversation. Although they can be embarrassing, you shouldn’t hesitate to talk about them. STBBI screening tests are vital and allow you to be treated appropriately while avoiding the complications of an untreated infection.

Whether you need a general assessment or wish to be screened for STBBI, Bioanalyse offers confidential screening that is covered by most group insurance plans. Most insurance companies will reimburse you for the cost of lab tests.

Come and meet one of our nurses for a consultation and STBBI screening. Test results may vary slightly, depending on the STBBI. The nurse will take a sample of urine, blood, or secretions.

Regardless of your screening test, we ask that you avoid urinating at least two hours prior to your appointment. However, fasting isn’t necessary.

Screening for STBBIs (Sexually Transmitted and Blood Borne Infections)

Even if you have no symptoms, asymptomatic patients are welcome as we are pleased to provide personalized recommendations. No prescription is required for STBBI screening. Appointments are prompt and entirely confidential.

Prescription sent to your pharmacy if treatment is needed.

Quick results:  sent by email: From 24h to 48h for the majority of analyses.

Get in touch with us for more information or to schedule an appointment. Your confidentiality is guaranteed!

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