standard-title In-home blood sample collection

In-home blood sample collection

In-Home Blood Tests Offered Around the Clock

We Cover Greater Montreal’s North Shore Area

This service is covered by most insurance companies and reimbursed by private and group insurance plan policies.

Our in-home blood test service isn’t only provided at your residence. For your convenience, a nurse can also collect blood samples at your workplace . A healthcare professional will confirm your appointment  to take and analyze your blood samples quickly.

A copy of your test results is available to you through our online portal, and we can also send your results directly to your physician.

Trouble-free In-Home Blood Tests 

Why take time off, commute unnecessarily or take the risk of not arriving early enough to secure a spot at a walk-in clinic? With Bioanalyse, you can stay at home and comfortably wait, or carry on your daily activities and conveniently receive a nurse whichever time works best for you . Our flexible hours and availability make it simple to cater to our clients at all times.

Whether you require a specific screening or a routine venipuncture, choose our reliable in-home blood sample collection service and have your blood samples analyzed by our experienced healthcare professionals.

Should you prefer to come to us for your blood tests, STI or STBBI screening, vaccination services, or other health checkups, our friendly staff will welcome you at our Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac  Bioanalyse Clinic. Feel free to get in touch with us at any time for more information.