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Travel Vaccination and Medical Analysis Services

We offer:

  • A service covered by most insurance including:
    • Health check-ups,**
    • Male and female STI screening,**
    • Pre-employment check-ups,**
    • The ThinPrep Pap Test (in clinic),**
    • Drug testing,
    • Blood test for allergies,
    • The blood test for pregnancy,
    • Blood group test,
    • Resting electrocardiogram.
  • A personalized, reliable and confidential service;
  • An appointment and test results within 24 hours;
  • The patient is notified of the arrival of its results and a copy is available on request.

** The results are validated by a physician. These services are offered in business, at home or at one of our branches.

Travel Health and Vaccination Clinics

Our travel health clinics and vaccination offers many advantages:

  • Clinical sites accredited by the Public Health Agency of Canada for the vaccine against yellow fever;
  • Vaccination against influenza (flu);
  • Consultation with one of our travel health specialists;
  • Administration of travel vaccines according to destination;
  • Update your basic immunization (free of charge);
  • Drugs prescription necessary for the journey;
  • Prevention of traveler’s diarrhea (tourista);
  • Advice and recommendations customized to the type of trip;
  • Competitive prices.